Workshop 2: Definition of practice, aims and practitioners.


Katie Salen co-authors of Rules of Play

Eric Zimmerman co-authors of Rules of Play

Jane McGonigal author Reality is Broken

Ernest Adams  author Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design

Game studios:


Electronic Arts (EA)



Microsoft Studios

Sony Computer Entertainment

Disney Interactive and Disney Mobile Studios






Plain Vanilla Games


Ustwo Games

Game learning studios:


Quest to Learn



keywords for Katie Salen game designer, author Rules of Play

Game concept, Game mechanics, Meaningful play, Game Theory, Digital game, Systems of Information, Rules, Emergent Systems, Narrative Play, User experience.

keywords for Jane McGonigal game designer, author Reality is Broken

Game concept, Gamification, Multiplayer, Alternate reality games, Collective Intelligence, Motivation games, Gameplay.

Keywords for Niantic, games Pokemon Go, Ingress

Augment reality, location based games, Mechanics, User experience, User interface, Game Narratives, Entertainment games, mobile game experience.

Keywords for Etermax game, games Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack Kingdom

Trivia games, user experience, user interface, puzzle game, entrainment game, Game mechanics.

Definition of your practice

What does your practice mean?

Creating an entertainment mobile game with a learning and encouraging component to learn history, using g modern gamу mechanics.


Creating entertainment game that encourages players to learn history and impacts positively on the player’s real world.

The focus of my practice:

Entertainment games, Game mechanics and user experience and user interface, puzzle game, mobile game.

The statement about practice:

Using different aspects of game theory and game mechanics to influence a player’s motivation to learn.

The aim of my practice

Creating a game that motivates a player to learn about history.

Design objectives/purpose

  • Influence (motivate) the player through the gaming experience
  • Creating a game concept
  • Promoting alternate reality games
  • Defining mechanics in relation to elements of the game system


What is your practice asking?

1. Knowledge

Game mechanics

User experience

Game theory

Player’s phycology

2. Research


Researching the audience and social benefits, requirements, new market opportunities and etc.

What mechanics can be used to motivate players for out of the game activity?

What visuals can help engage users?


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