Workshop 1: Practice-based dissertation

Current research questions:

  • How playing in mobile games can encourage people to learn about history?


  • How mobile games can be used in order to encourage people to learn about history?


  • How entertainment games can motivate people to learn about history?
  • How may mobile games be used to teach history?
  • How entertainment games can communicate learning experience to users?


Game, learning, history and who.

UI, UX, Game mechanics,


What type of games?

What game should contain?

What game mechanics should be used?


What is learning process will be used?


What kind of history will be learned through play?

Which way will be learned history?

What is important about learning history?


Who is the audience?

Research field:

Game development – mobile games and entertainment games.

Chapter titles:

  1. Game details
  2. Game mechanics
  3. Game benefits and features
  4. Game-based learning
  5. Market and audience

Key practitioners:


Katie Salen – a game designer, animator, and educator. She is a professor in the DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media.

Jane McGonigal – a game designer and author who advocates the use of mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real world context.

Ernest Adams – a game design consultant and lecturer, founder of International Game Developers Association.

Game designers:

Ramiro Galan (UI designer, Halo 5)

Alexander Karpazis  (UI designer, Watch Dogs 5)


Designers and Studios:


Electronic Arts (EA)



Manuel Martin (Motion designer)

Andrew Serkin (Motion designer)

Game competitors, studio:

Pokemon Go (Niantic)

Quizup (Plain Vanilla Games)

Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack Kingdoms (Etermax)

Monument Valley (Ustwo Games)






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