For the first stage of the game development, I aim to deliver the first prototype contended game mechanics, game flow, screen transitions, game branding and etc.

In the course time frame, I focus only on the preproduction stage. The preproduction stage includes creating a concept design of the game, game structure, plot, game narratives and metagame, main game flow and game assets.

Launch strategy:


  1. UX concept (wireframing) / Screen Flow
  2. UI/ UX
  3. Development stage 1 / Testing


  1. Development stage 2 / Testing
  2. Prototype / / Testing


  1. Register as an Apple developer.
  2. Beta version


  1. Bag fixing
  2. Soft Launch
  3. Hard (final) launch


game development.jpg

From my research of the game market according to puzzle or quiz game, the main problem is to clarify which element can make the game not only popular but also successful in term of revenue.

Mobile game levels:

  1. Visualisation. Settings, a visual representation of game progress, game visualisation, UI, characters and etc.
  2. Gameplay. The pattern defined by the game rules, a connection between player and the game, challenges and overcoming them and player’s connection with it.
  3. Game mechanics. The plot, energy, inner economy, competitive/social/clan mechanics and etc.

By changing the game at one of the levels, developers get “new” games.

game components.jpg

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