UX design process

0. start2.jpg1. start.jpg

The topic of my choice reflects one of the important issues – the way how people can increase their mental agility through a game, which in turn can enhance their overall wellbeing, for longer and give a more fulfilling life.

I have done research on How usage of new technologies can help to stimulate mental agility and establish social ties through a game?

The key aspect of my project is identifying an effective model and features for the game development in order to correspond the specific task as well as the development of a workflow for the game.

I tried to define the problem and started with research on mental agility.

Next, I examined the forms that my concept can take as well as explored the mobile applications market. Following that, I completed my research on games such as mental agility games, scavenger hunt games, action games as well as wellbeing applications and etc.

You may see a few of the most notable games that I picked up as an example.

2. type of games2_1.jpg2. type of games2_2.jpg2. type of games2_3.jpg

Speaking about, new technologies in MR can also build a bridge between entertainment and learning, find a new way of a learning experience, make education through a game more interactive and dynamic.

Based on a market research I started to locate and identify necessary features from already existing games that should be included in the game in order to achieve concept goals.

I found reasonable to use features like multiplayer, social connection, leveling up, game goals and etc.

4. game features.jpg5. features.jpg4. game features1.jpg5. features1.jpg

On the next step I created a game flow.

And I started with creating brief sketches and mindmaps subject of the following refining. This process raised certain questions that haven’t been considered in my initial research. That encouraged me to reflect on my research in order to clarify the deliverables.

6.define scope.jpg9.wireframes.jpg10.UX1.jpg



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