Cycle 3: Ideas on a paper

Step 1

The first step at this stage was to set up the goal. The goal here was to lay out how I would approach this design. I would start with ideas and get them out on paper, make some low fidelity prototypes, move on to cleaner wireframes.

Step 2

This was just hardcore brainstorming. Everything that came to my mind was completely difficult to sketched. The purpose here was simply to think about different ways of laying out the workflow for the game. This workflow doesn’t include a game part flow. But it’s better to start with something to go ahead.

There are few important components of game that I’m happy that I figure out how to place in a flow.

But I steel have some question. For example, how would leaderboard works? Or where you should see notifications in a game? And bunch of other important questions?

And I haven’t decided yet vertically or horizontally. I need consider this as well.




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