Mental agility thru games

If you repeat a specific mental task—say, memorizing a string of numbers—you’ll obviously get better at it. But what if your recollection improved more generally? What if, by spending a few minutes a day on that simple task, you could also become better at remembering phone numbers, or recalling facts ahead of an exam, or bringing faces to mind?

How people can increase their mental agility, and in turn enhance their overall wellbeing?

Essentially, mental agility games will allow you to gain the skills to efficiently face and solve any problem in your daily life. Keeping your brain in shape and healthy provides numerous benefits in the long term. The mental agility games allow us to strengthen our brain functions, increase mental vitality, and kick-start neural regeneration and reconnection.

There is a list of game apps that help to improve mental agility:

Lumosity — Brain Training

Elevate – Brain Training


Fit Brains Trainer

CogniFit Brain Fitness

Eidetic – Learn & remember anything




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