Myths visualisation

The brief task in the cycle 2 is telling us to create a concept that illustrates “the Life and Times” of someone you admire in a form of diagrammatic representation. Our team chose the Club 27. The 27 Club is a term that refers to the belief that an unusual number of popular musicians have died at age 27, often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, or violent means such as homicide or suicide. Statistical studies, however, have failed to find any unusual pattern of deaths at this age.

Club 27

For the project in our group, we decided to illustrate “turning Point” in chosen musician lives and career. I chose Kurt Cobain guided by personal preferences. For Kurt Cobain his turning point was better illustrate through his personal live and his relationships with people who he loved. And it was always reflected on his lyrics, music and his productivity.


Without any doubt, he was talented person who felt the time very well and had a clear understanding and strategy for the development of his music career. His songs performed by the group «Nirvana», became the anthem of a whole generation. But at the same time he was completely broken, had medical problems, phycologist problems and difficultes in his personal live.
When Kurt was 9, his parents divorced.
“My mother did not like her husband spending more time training baseball, rather than with the family.”
This event had a negative impact on the boy – he became withdrawn, to communicate with other children, he preferred solitude.
After a few years he moved to live with his father.
He grew up in a family where three other members had taken their own lives and he witnessed a suicide during his childhood, all of which predisposed him.
Kurt returned to his mother, but she had a new family. Because of disagreements in family young man was forced to leave home to  spend the night anywhere or stay with in friend’s houses.
In the last years of his life he began to have serious problems with drugs, and family life. In his last year, he wrote only one song – “Do, re, me”. Of course, for a person like Kurt Cobain where the music for him was always the salvation of all, it was a big hit.
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 20.50.18.png
So I decided to focus on the relationship between Kurt and his music career. How his music and lyrics changed during 1987-1994. I compare the lyrics during a relationship with his first girlfriend Tracy Marander, with the second girlfriend  Tobi Vail and with Courtney Love who became his wife, we can see that the last few years most of the songs have more complicated lyrics (more words, more symbolism), as well as the sound became more abrasive. Some member of record produce team mentioned that every song in last album contains some image of sickness and disease.
“I want to be rich and famous and kill myself like Jimi Hendrix.”
Of course, many factors such as physical condition, being in a tours and etc. have influenced Cobain’s music, but still his personal life was very important.
Laying aside Kurt Cobain’s sad fate, the number of musicians who passed away at 27 is truly remarkable by any standard. Though humans die regularly at all ages, there is a statistical spike for musicians who die at 27.
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