An “Accomplice”- project overview

screen_avatarDesign concept for PG02
The starting point for us, has been booming industry of virtual reality, new technologies and all things that it can bring for us as well as dystopian ideas that personal data can be used in a way to control the society. It all raises questions of an emerging problems for the protection of personal data in the new technogenic world. Today we can experience and predict that the human biological data could become a core of personal authentication in a virtual world. Due to that, the value of protection of biological personal information increases significantly. The extended environment of virtual worlds, particularly the avatar representation, creates more vulnerabilities and ways for malicious activities, such as hacking, intimidating that can lead to virtual life disabilities, and even more – to physical blocking and shadowing.
During the brainstorming in our group, we have chosen an avatar that would be able to protect personal biogenetic data in the virtual world and real world. Based on the study of the topic after systematic research in this field and critical understanding of this problem we came up with the idea that potential technologies in the future would meet the challenges of protecting personal genetic information.
There is few sketches  and research materials

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