Identity in VR

In my first blog post I would like to think over the topic of identity in virtual reality.
This topic has always been interesting to me especially in its deeper consideration. It will be helpful not only for my graduation project for the Research, but also for the first project in the PD02 cicle1.
To start with, let’s ask what avatar is. Avatar is a computer-generated figure controlled by a person via a computer. (as from Coleman Beth Hello Avatar ).
But how exactly people represent themselves into virtual really – that is a question and is really interesting and important for various projects related to VR. In practice, as in life, while some are trying to show the best version of themselves, others try to hide it, at the same time the third tend to be completely different, and so on. It’s very similar to the people’s behaviour in the real-life society. But the difference is WHY the same person chooses different behaviours for online and offline.
Does it establish a clear link between how people represent themselves online and offline. And what exactly makes them behave differently in a virtualised environment. Which factors and the possibilities provide people with the opportunity to express themselves on the Internet in different way.
Basically, there is such a thing as a virtual personality, the concept is, for sure, connected with computers massively coming into our lives. However, by itself the phenomenon of artificial personality is not something new in the history of culture. Internet only revealed a new environment of the existence for individuals.
Generally speaking, it raises a question if virtual reality helps to reveal the most of individual’s potential or on the contrary – will it lead to the irreversible destruction of it.
There are probably more questions than answers but I think it’s at least a good start for research.



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